Prophetic Declarations

14th January, 2023
These Prophetic Declarations were pronounced through Evang. IG Newman on 14th January, 2023.

(You must testify as you claim them with faith and obey the instructions at the end)

I speak to the moon, sky, sun, and the entire firmament: from today, they will collaborate with grace to favour you.

If you will be among the people that will shout amen, your testimony has started.

Anywhere you enter from now, you will see honour. At the right you will see honour, left you will see favour, and even from above you will see favour and honour.

Every negative decree made over your life, if you will shout amen, it will scatter.

Every step you take this year, will be a step of miracle. You will meet favour.

I come against every evil agenda against every member of Mountain Top.

You are rising above your equals. You will excel from today. Your destiny and your life will move forward, and forward ever.

Your heaven is open. God will raise presidents and people you don’t know to honor you. Everything will honor you. God will raise men for your sake.

From today I see Heaven gather to honour you.

God is opening international doors for you. You are breaking records. You are getting bigger and bigger.

You will not die prematurely.
You will fulfill your days. No more death. Your career will not die. Your profession and vision will not die. You are rising.

I prophesy, you will possess the land. The land will work for your favour. The land will favour you.

You will possess the gates of your enemies.

I see your star and your glory shinning. You will radiate from Monday to Sunday. I see your star shining.

I see your blessings coming from East, South, West, North.

You are walking in prosperity. You will prosper.
Any connection with poverty is terminated.

Angels will announce and advertise you. They will advertise you in your coming in and going out. They will advertise you from
Monday to Sunday.

The oil over your head will never run dry. I see power of impartation released upon you. You will become great. I see power of impartation released upon you.

From today, you will walk in wonders and victory.

I see angels holding your hands. They will lead you to your place of honor. Angels will hold your hands.

You will not cry the cry of shame again. Your dry season is over.

You will not go down. You will continue to rise. A new business is opening up for you. You will never go down. Many will envy you.

God will make you a shining example. You are not ordinary, nor a failure. You will rise. You’re a champion.

You will not be associated with failure. I see you flying from this day. Your ways are clear from today.

The Lord has honored you. That promotion you have not seen in many years, receive the promotion.

No sickness in your body will kill you. If you shout fire it will go back to sender.

You will be a candidate of unusual testimony and unusual favour.

Your spiritual life will grow, your dreams will manifest.

This year, unusual miracles are coming into Mountain Top.

You will not bring sorrow to this Mountain.

Hear me, anyone monitoring you from your village, calling your name, and servicing any altar against you in the village, let them die.

Any lady that the devil said she will not marry, shout fire until you kill them.

No darkness will overtake you. No darkness will overshadow you.

You will not see shame. You will not see disaster. You will not see failure. Receive breakthrough.

For everyone standing here, there is a future for you .

Anywhere they are contending with your destiny, if you shout fire they will die.

This year 2023, God will surprise your enemies and lift you high.

You will see what you haven’t seen with your eyes. You will hear what you have not heard before. God will lift you higher.

From today, you will not go down again.

11 evil people will die because of you in your village. Before next week Saturday, they will die.

Any of them blocking your way in your father’s house, if you shout fire. They will pack out.Whatever you have lost before is being restored now. I see billionaires here. Money will look for you.

This day. I declare doors of wealth open for you. Take it.

Powers that refused my sister to marry, today is your last day. Die by fire

Where is the Lord God of Mountain Top, arise. Anything in me blocking my breakthrough, fighting my breakthrough, die. (Shout fire 200×)

1. Bring your international passport to Mountain Top next Saturday.

2. These looking for the fruit of the womb are to come with as many apples as represent the number of children they want from God.

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