Good News

Mountain Top Prayer Global Assembly, Lagos
GOOD NEWS with Evang IG Newman

From spates of insurgency, to a global pandemic, and now to drums of war; now more than ever the world is in the depths of uncertainty and pain. You don’t have to be “cast down” with the rest of the world.
Be part of this powerful, life-changing deliverance appointment.
The entire world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God (Rom. 8:19). But that manifestation can never come about unless you first bind the strong man (the god of this world) and claim your inheritance (Matt. 12:29).
There will be anointed deliverance sessions, miracles, healings, undeniable signs and wonders, and most importantly the glorious presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.
There is power in agreement! Don’t miss out on the benefits of this corporate grace and try as much as you can to be there in person.

Regardless of the foundational battles, evil family patterns, delay, yoke of idolatory, generational curses, or prevailing ancient evil, the voice of mercy is greater than every voice of accusation.

You will crush the heads of your enemies.

Come reset your year for all around GOOD NEWS through the deliverance power of Christ Jesus .

Program Dates & Times

Friday Vigil- March 11, 2022 (10pm-Dawn)

Saturday – March 12, 2022

Sunday – March 13, 2022

Visitors are urged to arrive early. Come and experience anointed worship, healing and the deliverance power of God.

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