Mountain Top Prayer

Mountain Top Prayer Assembly is a dynamic ministry under the mandate of Evang. I.G. Newman. It is an interdenominational prayer meeting that converges twice a month which includes Thursdays through Saturdays of every first week and third Saturday’s in a month respectively. It began in July 2012 and since then it has been experiencing growth with as much as five thousand (5000) worshippers in a single meeting. It is a prayer meeting that is open to all people from every works of life with the mission of liberating people from Satan bondages and declaring the salvation of God among this generation…

2 thoughts on “Mountain Top Prayer

  1. Deborah says:

    Good evening, please how do I get a copy of the battle of midnight, I’m currently in Lagos/island, lekki county. Thank you

  2. CALLISTER says:

    Thank God for everything, may you grow from grace to grace. Amen!


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