10th January, 2023
Prophetic Declarations by Evang. IG Newman.

Whether the devil likes it or not, this year 2023 whatever that surrounds your life that is not pleasant to the Lord, shall scatter by fire.

Anything that wants to limit you is under arrest.

Someone here you are addicted to this Mountain Top. Before the first quarter, your miracle will begin to drop.

This year is a year of spiritual revival.

Hear this: in any competition you find yourself, as long as you are committed here, you will be the first, never second or third. Receive

Anyone who plans to kill you will die.

God is giving you a major testimony.

God will visit somebody in your family because of you.
He will visit and bless them because of you. Your family will experience God’s power and visitation.

Anybody who is tied down, l declare you released. You’re released. Your family is released. Your wife is released. Your husband is released. Your children are released.

Your season of waiting without result is over.

From today your prayers are answered. You will not labour in vain. Your efforts will never be in vain again.

This year you will see Mercy, you will see Honour, you will see favour. You will be decorated on every side.

From the month of January your honor has started.

The Lord will settle you from January to December.

Glory is released. Destiny is released. You won’t die like a chicken. You will reach
100+ in years and die fulfilled.

You will not go down again.
God will lift you up.

I see you rising. Your star will shine. Receive the anointing to move forward.

Everyone here that has reached the age of marriage, receive it now.

That battle that makes you cry in the night when you are alone, is over today.

That battle that makes it that no one progresses in your family, is settled today.

Money will look for you. I call money from the East, West, North, and South. Receive money.

Powers looking for your death will die today

Every door the devil closed against you, if you shout fire, it will open.

Anything strange in your body, I command it to flush out. If you sleep and wake up, it will not be seen again.

Every good thing in your hands, from today it will favour you

Today marks your freedom forever from poverty.

People that stepped their legs here for the first time, poverty will not see your address again.

The Lord sent me to announce to you, an anointing is looking for you: anointing for Prosperity.
God will use you to get the signature of wealth upon your family.

It doesn’t matter who insulted or mocked you in 2022. I hear the Lord say, “For every insult, I am converting it to miracle now.”

Some people looking at me are supposed to be flying to different countries. Powers that tied your international connection, from now the yoke is destroyed.

Something is about to happen to someone’s destiny. Presidents will look for you. Senators will look for you.

As from today before the end of 2023, the least person here will have 10 million Naira in his/her bank account.

From this altar I declare, You are unbeatable!

I pray for all of you. I declare, this year 2023, u will see honour in your life.

I pray for you today, the mystery behind your trouble will be revealed.

Any power holding what belongs to you and your family, if you shout fire, it will be released.

Anyone on assignment in your life to kill you this year must die.

You will command circumstances to respond or bow to you. Everything will begin to respond to you.

I decree for anyone here whose life is limited, shout amen and collect your destiny back.

This year, you will break records!

That person fighting you will be cleared.

I pray for you, powers contending with you, if you shout fire, let them scatter!

I declare today the anointing to prosper is upon you in Jesus name.

From today, your spiritual life will jack up to a new level.


There are people here that will be more vibrant than Evang IG Newman. Receive it now.

There is an anointing on you for a turnaround.

Today you will receive authority, strength, powers. Collect it now.

Whatever you begin this year, you must finish it.

Your efforts will be recognized this year. You will not be hidden again

1. Next program come with an item in your shop; something to represent anything you sell. Career members bring a pen, or anything you use in working.
Mark what will happen this year.

2. For members on medication who are unable to fast, pray with
Chapter 10 of battle of midnight .

3. Have a bottle of water, and also some salt too. We will use water and salt to wash our faces against anything bad that followed us from last year 2022.

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