1st of January Prophetic Declarations

These PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS were released through God’s servant Evang IG Newman on CROSSOVER INTO 2023.

I hear the sound of the breaking of shackles. Chains are breaking tonight.

That attack and that sickness is leaving your body.

I see God stepping into your life and family and career.

You will see the hand of God in that situation and in that impossible case.

That trouble you saw in 2022 you will see it no more. The Lord is sending a powerful wind into your family now and it will terminate your battle.
Let the East wind of God begin to blow in your family to uproot every satanic thing in Jesus name.

No matter how tough the situation, God has sent me to tell you He is coming to intervene in that situation.

God is giving you miracles today.

Happy NEW YEAR. It is a year of greater honor.

The Lord will preserve you. He will bypass systems & structures& honor you.

You will see the hand of God in your destiny and career. He will be visible in all you do.

Today marks the beginning of your journey to new heights, new anointing, new blessings, new helpers, new achievements, new promotion and GREATER HONOR.

I declare you will have a brand new smell this year and attract favor and good things. You will smell new this year.

No more barrenness. Children are released this year. Your marriage is this year.

Your body will no more support that disease. Your body will not support the cancer. Your body will not support the fibroid. Be healed.

This year you’re moving forward with joy and speed. You will be protected on every side. Your waiting time is over.

All the promises of God upon your life will begin to manifest. Shame and rejection is no longer your portion. I release you to become a champion. Your breakthrough will take your enemies by surprise.

Any Jonah in your ship will leave after today. Any power delaying your miracles will leave. Your investments will increase and succeed this year.

This year you will excel. You will enjoy divine health. You will excel. No more sickness or disease or sorrow.

This year you will own your own house.

This year you will have success in every area of your life.

Your children will be blessed.

Nothing can stop you again. No devil will stop you.

You must be honored.
This year will bring people to honor you. They will gather for you.

People that matter will come into your life. In the corridors of power and honor, you will be honored.

I prophesy you’re increasing.

You will not lose anything good this year.

Your challenge of last year will disappear.

This year you will bypass your enemies. Where God is taking you none of your enemies will get there.

You will have outstanding miracles. You will be honored in all you do. You will not labor in vain.

Any Uzziah against your life let them meet with judgment.

Isaiah 6 says “In the year King Uzziah died, I, Isaiah saw the Lord.” What Uzziah needs to die for you to see the glory in your life? Every Uzziah that needs to die for your destiny to manifest let them die.

Your miracle is coming. Your breakthrough is coming. Your ministry is going to rise, your breakthrough is going to rise. I see fire making way for you.

Any invocation or incantation against you anywhere let them scatter by fire.

Who is holding you? Who is holding your family progress? Enough is enough. The strong man and strong woman must bow.

I see angels breaking chains and breaking yokes. I see the fire in the realm of the spirit.

Anyone planning evil against me, whether my ex or any relation, as I shout fire 100x let them die.

Powers looking for my head, die.

Evil men against my family, against Nigeria, against my life, scatter by fire.

Any table where they’re discussing my matter, scatter by fire. Witchcraft coven discussing my matter, catch fire. (Shout fire 50x)

Witches and wizards in my father’s house your time is up. As I pray and shout fire, scatter and die.

2023 will not be 2022. Who is that strong man that said I will not marry or build that house or graduate or that I will end like a pauper. Who is manipulating my destiny? Die by fire.

Every strong man attacking the destiny of everybody in my family, die. Die. Die. Die.

Every strong man that has troubled my family until now let them die. Enough is enough.

O God enter my father’s house.

Any Goliath in my father’s house boasting against me let them die. (Shout fire 50x)

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