Mountain Top Prayer

Theme for the Month:

Thought for the month
Every closed mouth is equal to a closed destiny. Testimonies are assets in prayer that brings the reality of what God will do in your life. The power of testimonies put you above your problems and destroys all lies and deceits of the devil concerning all every promises of God. Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart.(Psalms 119:111)
Confessional Prayer
God is promoting me beyond measure for it is my month of testimony IJN. Oh God order my steps and show me my divine pathways IJN. Oh Lord in this year, destroy every mountain and obstacle on the wheel of my testimony, I shall testify before the end of 2018 IJN. Lord make me a city without limit and barrier breaker IJN. Lord in your sanctuary give me rest on every sides IJN. Lord let the gate of heaven be open unto me continually by thy word IJN.. Lord in this year, nations and kingdoms shall bow to me IJN. Lord in this season let my dominion be established and my royalty be demonstrated IJN Lord let your counsel alone be done in my life IJN.
Prophetic Declaration
God is given you more grace to witness and testify about his goodness God is given you many open doors this year and hhelping you walk through them. He keeps the heavens opened wide over you this year. He is given you many mountain top experiences this year His is making ways before you this year. You will enjoy the full benefits of Your Name this year. God is given you peace and causing you to experience supernatural increase IJN
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