Mountain Top Prayer

Theme for the Month:

Thought for the month
THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH  Good news cannot come when you are not in need of it. The man beside the river with a lost hope, good news came to the crippled man at the Beautiful Gate. Good News will not let one remain the same; it brings life to the lifeless being. It gives hope to the hopeless situation, it strengthens a weak mind. Good News makes positive impact.
Confessional Prayer
CONFESSIONAL DECLARATION  -It is my month of Good News. -God is moving your direction this Month . -The Oil of Good News is overtaking someone.  -My steps are taking me to my testimonies of good news. -Good news at my doorstep; I carry it in Jesus name! Amen. (7×)
Prophetic Declaration
PROPHETIC DECLARATION  -Good News that will make you testify, is coming your way  in the name of Jesus. -God is manifesting upon your life Good News from those who have made promises to you, in Jesus name. -God is opening Doors of Good News that I have been knocking at for years, concerning you, by fire in Jesus name. -God is changing your names to Good News. -God is appointing workers of Good News for you, in all areas of your life in Jesus name.
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