PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS for 17th February 2023

17th February, 2023
These PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS were released through God’s servant Evang IG Newman on 17th February, 2023. Your family must arise and shine in Jesus name.

Prophetic Declarations
You will change your family house.

Your glory will be seen. Your glory will shine.

No power will bring you down.

God will use you to reach nations.

From today, it is well with your soul.

A new level of breakthrough and success is released.

You will make the kind of money you have never made before.

I see your testimony, speed, favor, excellence, beauty, star and glory coming back.

Your name will appear in the Guinness book of records.

I prophesy, those who rejected you will regret it. Those who mocked you will regret it. Those who gossiped with your name will regret it. Those who fought you will regret it.

Collect the key of your house; collect the key of your car; collect the key of your destiny.

I decree for someone, you will make your family proud.

It doesn’t matter how down you have been, my God said I should tell you that you will rise again.

Someone here the Lord said I should tell you to clean your tears. He said, “I have heard you and I have answered you. I have come to rescue you.”

Any altar responsible for your case let it collapse now.

Any altar that vowed you will not rise, let that altar collapse now.

Every battle from your maternal or paternal side, let that battle end now.

Every monitoring agent monitoring you, let them end their journey now.

Any family or wicked altar waging war against your family, let them collapse now.

Any man or woman appearing in the spirit to fight you or your family, let them die now.

Any of them that hate your progress or are fighting your family, let them die now.

Wicked elders becoming older while young ones are dying, from today let them begin to die. The strong man in your family begins to die now.

I pray for you, the devil will not mess you up.

That kidney problem is not your problem. That fibroid is not your problem. You don’t own it. I send it out of you now.

Anyone under demonic yoke, as you lift your hands and shout fire let them catch fire.

I declare for the hundreds and thousands here, any spiritual activity of the enemy against you, as you lift your hands and shout fire, let your deliverance happen now.

If you’re of the age of marriage and not yet married, if your faith agrees with my faith, any spiritual activity around you to stop your marriage as you shout fire let it scatter now.

Every family battle you inherited from your parents, as you shout Amen it ends now.

Every blessing you have lost because of family battles, today is the end. Be restored.

I command that your head will carry the blessings. Your head will collect the blessings. Your head will collect the breakthrough and miracles.

Everyone believing God for the fruit of the womb today, children are released from this altar. Carry your baby.

Anyone here that doesn’t have a house, today I declare you a landlord and landlady. You will build your house. I discharge you, you’re no more a tenant.

Prayer Points
Father, I am available. Deliver me. (2x)

I renounce every spirit of my father’s house and every idol they worshiped. By the Blood of Jesus I renounce their wickedness and their evil. O Lord forgive my father’s house. I confess the sins of my forefathers. O God forgive their wicked acts and sins. Anywhere they have sinned, O Lord have mercy. Forgive my father’s house. Forgive my fathers (Repeat 9x).

Father all the people my ancestors killed out of wickedness, Father forgive them and remove the consequences of what they did. Anyone that they collected their things by force and they cursed them, father have mercy. Anyone that they maltreated in my family, by the Blood of Jesus have mercy.

Father I point my finger in my father’s house and I declare, let there be light. (Repeat 7x)

You idol of my father’s house, your time is up. You snake, python, marine powers your time is up. As I turn around 100x shouting fire release me and die.


I renounce every snake and python spirit. Die.

Powers from my family troubling my life, as I shake my hands shouting fire 100x, let that power expire.

Next Friday being 24th February 2023, we will meet here from 8am to 11am to pray and receive blessings for prosperity and financial breakthrough.

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