These PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS were made through God’s Servant Evang IG Newman on 2ND & 3RD FEBRUARY, 2023. As you pray with these prophecies your greater honor is sure.

Prophetic Declarations
In the realm of the spirit, anything they’re using to tie you down, as you shout fire their power is destroyed.

Miracles beyond human explanation will manifest in your life.

Whether the devil likes it or not your story must change.

Anyone that is tormenting your life, angels will torment that person.

You will not remain on the same level or position again. After today you’re moving forward.

People that rejected you because you don’t have one thing or the other, God will give you a miracle that will make them look for you.

Any rope the devil is using to tie you, as you shout fire let them scatter.

Any rope of darkness operating in your father’s house, as you shout fire let them scatter.

Any problem hiding in your family and dealing with you, as you shout fire they will scatter.

The Lord said I should tell someone every agenda of darkness against your life must be put to an end. (Shout fire 21x)

From today your oppressors and enemies will suffer disgrace and shame. They will die. Shout fire.

Your name will usher testimonies.

Whatever you started with your hands you will finish. (Shout fire 50x)

Anybody on assignment to kill your family members will die. Anyone on assignment to destroy your life will die. Anyone on assignment to kill your career will die.

After this meeting the hand of the enemy over your life will be destroyed. (Shout fire 7x)

If your Amen is the loudest you will be decorated with honor.

If your Amen is the loudest, evil altars calling your name will catch fire.

Your leg will take you to where your breakthrough is.

Beginning from today, if you entered into any place and it was a place of defilement, because your legs have been anointed today, every form of defilement in your life is rolled away.

This year will favor you.

Whatever you’re trusting God for this year, you shall get it.

No demons will stop your rising.

As your hands are lifted up, I declare over your head, a new thing will happen in your family, a new thing is happening in your career, a new thing is happening in your destiny, as you shout fire, receive it.

Prayer Points
Oh God my Father, every spirit of Adonibezeck following my family, as I shout fire let that spirit die.

Powers prolonging my destiny, die by fire.

Oh Lord appear in my father’s house, any man assigned to rub me of my destiny, as I shout fire let them die.

Oh Lord as I shout fire, any wicked man/woman prolonging my journey, die by fire.

Oh Lord my Father, any demonic cage against me and my destiny, I pull out by fire.

Oh God my Father, any man that is taking evil decision over my head, from today, I disown them by fire.

Any evil garment upon my life, let that evil garment catch fire right now.

1. No discipleship class until after 3rd week to enable the cashless policy calm down.

2. There will be a program for singles here on Thursday 9th February 2023 from 8am to 12pm.

3. There will be a program here for business men and women on Thursday 23rd February 2023.

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