28th January, 2023.


When you are in Covenant with God: Gen 17:1-10. God’s Response becomes:
I will prosper you

I will bless you.

I will multiply you.

I will increase you.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I will change your name.

I will change your nature.

I will cause you to be fruitful.

I will open up the womb of your wife and out of you shall come a blessed nation.

In covenant when things go crazy: it’s time TO STAND BEFORE THE LORD. Then the men turned away from there and went toward Sodom, but Abraham still stood before the Lord. Genesis 18:22. The power of Covenant gives you the right to remind God of His Promise.


In this commission you are destined for greatness.


Oh Lord, my God, come unto me at my time of difficulty.

My father, my God, enlarge my coast and deliver me.


These Prophetic Declarations were released through God’s servant Evang. IG Newman on the 28th of January, 2023.

Prophetic Declarations
Before we leave here today, God will decorate you with a garment of favour.

From today, you will never know failure again.

I stand here as a Prophet, anyone who looks for your head, you will attend their burial.

Anyone looking for the head of your parents or siblings, you will attend their burial.

Whatever the devil said you will not get, before I drop this microphone, it will appear in your life.

The Lord said that all your prayers and fasting, today marks the day of manifestation of your answers.

After today, the glory you have not seen in many years will begin to manifest in your life.

Hear this, the enemy thought that when they killed your father they would end your family. From today, what your father could not achieve, you will achieve 100 times over.

Your miracle will bring glory to the name of the Lord.

The Lord sent me to some people here. I stand here to counter the plans of the enemy. Your marriage is released right now. Your breakthrough is released. Your wealth is released.

Hear this, no matter how terrible things are now, people will gather to celebrate you.

This year, people will gather to celebrate you.

Somebody here, someone told you that you are useless. A miracle will make that person your servant.

God sent me to tell someone, what belongs to you, no one will take away.

Your position no one will take it away. Your seat will not be taken away. Your honour will not be taken away. Your blessings will not be taken away. Your increase will not be taken away.

The Lord said I should tell someone, that wicked man or woman in your compound, before the end of January he is in the mortuary.

Anyone pouring blood or making sacrifices against you and your family, if you will shout fire let that sacrifice kill them.

Any food of death the enemy prepared for you, the enemy will eat that food and die. The Lord said I should tell someone, the Holy Ghost will disgrace them now.

There’s someone the enemy took your glory, but as you shout fire, you will get your glory back.

The Lord said I should tell a young lady here your marriage will open doors for your family .

Beginning from now, anywhere you enter, men and women will favour you.

Hear me well today, the Lord said I should tell someone, that garment of hatred, as you shout fire, let that hatred expire now.

Anywhere you go as from today God will position people that will honor you.

Because this year is our year of Greater Honour, God will position someone to sponsor and fight your case.

Anywhere you go as from today, darkness will disappear.

Anyone collecting witchcraft powers to fight you, let them die.

You will not repeat your father’s mistakes.

I hear the Lord say I am increasing the number of angels in charge of this ground.

Hear me, because you entered here, your miracle has started.

You will not die a shameful death; you will not die in the hands of enemies; you will not die in the hands of the wicked. My God will rescue you.

Disaster will not be your portion.

Anything that has followed you from the village, as you shout fire, things will jump out.

If you believe in this prophet, your struggle is over.

I pray for someone here today, that before this January will end anyone that used to know you before will not know you again.

There’s somebody here the Lord said I should tell you what everyone struggled to get, you will get yours on a platter of gold.

Any power contending with your miracle, their altar is on fire.

Your hands will handle money, your hands will handle riches, your hands will handle millions of dollars.

That garment of hatred that has been following you is destroyed now.

Prayer Points
Every battle I inherited from my parents, your time is up. As I shout fire 100× shaking my body, clapping my hands, scatter!!!

Every satanic remote against my life, your time is up. As I shout fire 100× shaking my body, scatter.

Powers that said I will not be great, as I shout fire 100x turning around, die.

Prophetic Instruction & Announcement*
1. Once you get home, light up the remaining candle in your house.

2. Pray with Psalm 2 and 127 for Mountain Top after our online midnight prayer

3. We shall be having a One day desert prayer in February before election for people waiting for life partners and fruits of the womb.

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