God is faithful man of God. I thank God for the news I heard today. I am still shocked. I did not know that my ex boyfriend was behind all my trouble.
We separated when I discovered that he always visits Bar Beach in Lagos for sacrifice. We were working in the same office. He approached me first and I refused him. I didn’t know what came on me to the extent that I agreed to marry him.
I lost my job after we started dating. I lost my mother, I lost my only sister, every thing started crashing. One day he came and told me he has gotten what he wanted in life. He said that I am now zero and empty. It pained me but I was still with him. At a point he would be commanding me as if I am his slave. My life was shattered to the extent that he would give me Two thousand Naira (N2,000) to eat for a whole week. I could not reason well again. My life became frustrated to the point that I could not define myself or what I wanted in life.
At this point he was not talking about marriage. He had bought cars, and built a house. And during this 2022 Christmas period, he came and told me that the family did not want him to marry me. He just got married on 23rd of December 2022.
I had to return back to the village. It was in the village that one of my sisters was following Evang IG Newman’s online midnight prayer at 11pm and I joined in the prayer about recovering your star. After the prayer I went in my room and shouted Holy Ghost fire five thousand times (5000x)
In the dream I saw a masquerade fighting me and I fought back until I removed the mask and behold it was my ex. I shouted fire on him and woke up.
The next day I saw a snake that came to attack me in my dream again. I grabbed the snake and used my teeth to tear the neck off. The snake shouted “I am dead.” I woke up.
The next day I told a friend that I was coming back to Lagos to stay in her place to try and see how I would gather myself.
Yesterday I just got the news that this my ex boyfriend is dead. They said he was attacked and he went to hospital and died. That he even drove himself to hospital.
Man of God I am in shock and short of words but I know God has delivered me.
I am Sister Kate, from Lagos Nigeria.

Any man or woman that has tampered with your star, as you type FIREEEEE they will expire and you will recover your star in Jesus name.

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